On November 29, 2017 the Bullard Education Foundation visited each campus of Bullard ISD to present nearly $38,000 in innovative grants to teachers and staff. A total of 16 grants were issued during the 2017 Grants for Excellence event. All six Bullard ISD campuses received grant awards, meaning the entire district student body will benefit from innovative teaching tools, resources and hands-on applications provided by these grants. "This marks our ninth year of awarding innovative teaching grants, and the staff of Bullard ISD has once again come up with some awesome innovative ways of teaching 'outside the box'" stated BEF President, Erin Thiem. This is our 9th year and in that time we have awarded just under $370,000 back to BISD schools, teachers and students.

"Grant Day is a favorite day of the year for so many. Our Education Foundation members work diligently all year to raise funds for this day and seeing the excitement of the students and district employees is priceless.  We are excited to see the creative, innovative ideas of the staff come to life and watch students learning expand in the coming months," continued Thiem.  

In order for a grant request to qualify for awarding, it must innovative, researched, have significant impact on student learning, and not be eligible for normal district funding.
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VersaTile Learners $892.19
An active alternative to practice workbooks. It combines the challenge of a puzzle with standards-aligned skills practice. Learners use an answer case to complete activities, in which numbered tiles are used to indicate answers to the activity’s multiple-choice questions.
Circle of Life $555.29
“The Circle of Life” allows learners to predict, observe, infer, record, and measure the life cycles and metamorphosis of three different insects and students will be able to share the experience of dissecting owl pellets.
There’s what in my yogurt? $3898.80
6th grade science
A science project where students will discover and observe living prokaryotic cells (bacteria) that are found in yogurt they eat. The students will become experts at preparing slides and using the microscope to view living specimens.
Stop Seating Still! $5,000
5th and 6th grade
Innovative seating for the classroom including standing desk, wobble chairs, activity tables and moving mind cycles to help keep students attention on their school work as opposed to fidgeting or slouching.
Green House
Green House
Flipping the Script The Nearpod Experience $4000.00
A cross curricular nearpod system and virtual reality kit allowing students to make real connections with these places and events through virtual reality. Nearpod is best described as a way for sharing educational content.
Hands on Task $1000.00
7th and 8th 
“Hands on Task” is a collection of jobs made up of various skills used for students to learn various prevocational and vocational skills. These jobs cover a wide range of ability level from beginner to advanced and the skill can be generalized to the home setting.
Las Revistas Espanolas $1,153.08
9-12th grade Spanish
A year’s subscription of Spanish magazines for extended language learning. These magazines include access to online videos of authentic speakers that correlate to the reading, an online language lab, and an archive of reaching resources.
Computer Drawing Tablets $2,125.00
9-12th grade
25 Computer drawing tablets for editing images, graphic and video gaming design while also allowing students to develop fine motor skills. The drawing tablets will also allow students to become familiar with alternative input devices for computers.
You Can Learn Where? $4660.24
9-12th grades
An outdoor classroom for 9-12 th grades with tables and benches to provide an alternative to the standard indoor classroom. The outdoor classroom will provide a place for students to study as well as eat lunch and be active during breaks.